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The user is supreme,Each case is fine

Has the advanced welding equipment
Professional testing personnel to ensure quality
Factory production and sales,More cost-effective

Welding professional and technical personnel,Ensure the products safe and reliable
Strictly inspection personnel,Ensure the quality of the product quality

Building is an enterprise approved by the state industrial and commercial bureau,Our factory always adhere to customer first、The principle of quality first,For the new and old customers with qualified products。

Built along with filter products production and sales experience for many years,Company sales department has a professional product quotation,Can be in3Clock within the quote,Throughout the day24Hours for your service
Quick quotation can let you in the middle of the competition advantage;The product can be3Days to complete delivery。

Mesh screen

     Anpingxian built along the wire mesh products co., LTD. Is located in the whole country is famous for its“Silk screen of the township”—Hebei anpingxian,From Beijing capital airport250Kilometers,From tianjin port200Kilometers,The geographical position is extremely superior。Is a collection of scientific research development and screen mesh production and sales as one of professional manufacturers。

      Our company main products are mine screen mesh、The slotted screen、Stainless steel screen mesh、Sieve plate、Sieve tube、Wire wrapped screen、Polyurethane screen mesh bag edge crack、Arc screen、Grid plate、The centrifuge basket sieve、Nylon mesh、Filter plate、Complex network、Polyurethane screen mesh、Mesh、Manganese steel crimped wire mesh and other products,Products are widely used in mining machinery、Metallurgy、Coal、Building、Water conservancy、On the screen, road construction and other industries,It has high screening efficiency、Don't plug hole、Friction resistance、Impact resistant、Tear resistance、Life is long、Low noise、Easy installation,High comprehensive benefit, etc。

      After years of development,Our company always adhere to the scientific management and strict inspection system,To ensure the mesh products is excellent,And reliable credit,All aspects of the service,Won the domestic new and old users trust and praise。

Anpingxian built along the wire mesh products co., LTD

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